Play Therapy

What is play therapy?

Play therapy refers to a number of treatment methods and may vary greatly.  Play therapy makes use of all of the natural benefits of play.  Play therapy differs from regular paly in several ways.  For example, children systematically address and resolve their own problems with the help of a therapist.  Since “play” is viewed as fun by most children, it makes it easier for children to address what’s bothering them.

Playing allows children a safe psychological distance from their problems.  They feel more comfortable expressing their true thoughts and feelings in ways most consistent with their developmental state.  When children play, it expands self-expression, self-knowledge and self-actualization.  Play connects children with creative thinking and exploration and emotional regulation with the help of a therapist. Play therapy allows children, in a safe environment, the skills and roles needed for healthy development.

Through play therapy, children learn more adaptive behaviors where there may be an emotional or social skills deficit.  The positive relationship that develops between a child and their therapist in palsy sessions may provide a corrective emotional experience and serve as healing to the child.

We offer counseling for children with anxiety, sadness or behavioral problems.  Counseling with children may also include family therapy

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WORDS From clients

  • “Darci is a wonderful therapist with an excellent skill set that is evident in the relationships she builds with her clients.  She takes the time to get to know her clients individual needs and builds appropriate treatment plans to best help them meet their goals. She is understanding and non-judgmental which helps create a safe environment for change.  Overall, I can't recommend Darci enough ”

    Ashley Stavig
    Ashley StavigLicense Mental Health Counselor
  • “Tonie and Darci are upbeat, friendly and supportive.  They work with their clients with care and understanding.  They offer resources to all those needing assistance and are willing to help in any way possible!”

    Kelly Salzl
    Kelly SalzlLMFT - Changes Counseling
  • "Dr. VanStelten practices with a combination of professionalism and knowledge.  Her practice style facilitates an open and comfortable dialogue with her clients."

    Kristen, RN
  • "Jodi is incredibly knowledgeable, and works with each of her clients to determine exactly how to provide collaborative guidance to a vast array of unique needs. Her expertise is greatly matched by her genuine kindness, which ensures that her clients have the perfect environment where they can make the desired changes in their lives, to bring lasting healing."

    Sarah, Therapist
  • "Darla is a warm, knowledgeable therapist.  She connects beautifully with young people and their families, allowing them to quickly engage in the therapeutic work.  Her skill, coupled with her genuine good nature, is a healing combination.""

    Lisa Wald, MSW, LICSW


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