• Ashley Egner MSW, LICSW
    Ashley Egner MSW, LICSWPsychotherapist
    • Blanca Svedberg LPCC, RPT
      Blanca Svedberg LPCC, RPTPsychotherapist
      • Sandra Maurer
        Sandra MaurerTrauma-Informed Yoga & Movement Facilitator
        • Angela Zaun Ollswang
          Angela Zaun OllswangTrauma-Informed Yoga & Movement Facilitator
          • Melanie Sobolewski
            Melanie SobolewskiRegistered Dietitian
            • Bonnie Kay Ellingboe
              Bonnie Kay EllingboePsychologist
              • Emily Staples
                Emily StaplesPsychotherapist

                Shelly Edwards is Licensed Psychologist. She enjoys working with people age 16 and older. She has over 20 years of experience working in community mental health with a focus on trauma resolution.

                She has considerable experience helping others manage their depression, anxiety, grief issues and healing from trauma. She has expertise working with dissociative disorders and borderline personality disorder. She believes every human has the internal capacity to heal and helps others find and follow their wisdom.

                Shelly is intensively trained in DBT and utilizes sensorimotor therapy and EMDR techniques. She holds a master’s degree from St. Mary’s University in Counseling Psychology.

                Rebecca Gerbig, MSW, LICSW is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. She enjoys working with clients from age 16 through older adulthood and has over 15 years of experience. She has particular interest in helping patients heal from eating disorders, trauma/traumatic experiences, and the residual effects of chronic childhood toxic stress. She has extensive experience treating individuals with eating disorders, eating behavior challenges, providing psychological assessment for bariatric surgery candidates, obesity/morbid obesity challenges, trauma and traumatic stress, chronic health conditions, depression, anxiety, panic disorder, and abuse issues (including child, domestic, elder, physical, psychological/emotional and sexual abuse).

                Her approach to therapy is patient-centered, trauma-informed, and relationally-oriented. She incorporates a variety of therapeutic modalities within treatment planning for each patient she partners with. Her work is informed by the field of interpersonal neurobiology, which provides an interdisciplinary view of the mind and mental well-being through understanding that the structure and function of the mind and brain are shaped by experiences and emotional attachments/relationships.

                Specifically, Becky is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), which combines different elements of many effective therapies to maximize treatment effects and reduce the intensity of traumatic images. The EMDR process aims to reduce the emotional response to disturbing memories through attention to three time periods: the past, present, and future. Focus is given to past disturbing memories and related events, current situations that cause distress, and developing the skills and attitudes needed for positive future actions.

                Becky holds an undergraduate degree in social work from The College of Saint Benedict, and a master’s degree in clinical social work from the University of Saint Thomas and The College of Saint Catherine.

                Becky sees patients at both our Rogers and Golden Valley clinics.

                Monday: Golden Valley Clinic
                Tuesday: Golden Valley Clinic
                Wednesday: Rogers Clinic
                Thursday: Rogers Clinic
                Friday: Schedule will alternate between Golden Valley and Rogers clinics; please call to schedule

                Darla is a Master’s level Licensed Psychologist.  She specializes in working with children (ages 5 and up), adolescents, teens, individuals and families.   She has over ten years of mental health experience in multiple settings, including, community mental health, day treatment and the school setting.

                She has extensive experience treating individuals with anxiety, depression, behavioral problems, ADHD, anger management, life transitions and trauma.

                Her approach to therapy is person centered.  She uses cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, solution-focused strategies and incorporates play in order to tailor her approach to the specific needs of her clients.  Darla holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology.

                Jodi Sims is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  She has 17 years experience providing therapy in multiple settings including child and adolescent day-treatment, in-home family therapy, and outpatient therapy.  Jodi works primarily with adolescents, adults, families and couples.

                She has extensive experience treating depression, anxiety and panic disorders, trauma, relational difficulties, coping problems, and borderline personality disorder.  She has been intensively trained in DBT therapy as well as cognitive behavioral therapy and continues to attend yearly training.

                She received her Master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling and also attended Alfred Adler Graduate school for additional training in Marriage and Family Therapy.  She enjoys traveling, long walks and spending time with her children.

                Darci Witasek is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  She enjoys working with adolescents, teens, young adults, individuals, families and couples.  She typically uses Solution-focused, Cognitive Behavioral and Systemic therapy approaches in her therapy work.

                Darci assists her clients with a diverse range of mental health concerns including: anxiety, depression, life transitions, relationship issues, oppositional defiant behaviors, health concerns, divorce, and trauma.  Darci believes in a collaborative approach to counseling where the therapist and client work together to create meaningful change and find alternatives to their problems.  She is trained to administer the PREPARE/ENRICH and is fluent in Spanish.

                She has a Master of Art’s degree in Marriage and Family from the University of St. Thomas and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Minnesota – Duluth where she majored in Psychology and minored in Spanish.

                Darci will begin seeing patients at our Golden Valley clinic on 4/1/18.

                Darci’s schedule as of 4/1/18:

                Monday: Rogers Clinic
                Tuesday: Rogers Clinic
                Wednesday: Golden Valley Clinic
                Thursday: Golden Valley Clinic
                Friday: Please contact for schedule

                Dr. VanStelten is a Licensed Psychologist.  She enjoys working with patients ages twelve through adulthood. She has over ten years of mental health experience in multiple settings, including, college counseling, community mental health, medical clinics and private practice.

                She has extensive experience treating individuals with anxiety, depression, panic, PTSD, health problems, abuse issues, grief and loss, problems related to parenting and multiple roles, issues specific to women and relationship difficulties. Dr. VanStelten also sees couples and families for therapy, in addition to conducting groups with the primary focus on anxiety and depression.

                Her approach to therapy is patient centered and supportive, using cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to create change. Dr. VanStelten holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and a Doctorate of Psychology in the field of Counseling Psychology.

                Tonie will begin seeing patients at our Golden Valley clinic on 4/1/18.

                Tonie’s schedule as of 4/1/18:

                Monday: Golden Valley Clinic
                Tuesday: Golden Valley Clinic
                Wednesday: Rogers Clinic
                Thursday: Rogers Clinic
                Friday: Rogers Clinic

                Ashley Egner is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with 7 years of experience working in a community mental health setting as well as private practice. Ashley enjoys working with older teens and adults who are struggling with symptoms of depression, anxiety or are experiencing relationship stressors. She also specializes in working with those who have experienced various forms of trauma. Her therapeutic approach is client centered and trauma informed in a comfortable and non-judgmental environment. Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy interventions and Solution Focused techniques; Ashley works alongside her clients to help them feel in control of their life and make changes that bring them closer to their goals.

                Ashley has an undergraduate degree in Social Work from Eastern Connecticut State University and received her masters in Social Work from the University of Connecticut.

                Ashley is available at our Rogers location from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays.

                Blanca has over 20 years of experience working in various settings including clinics, mental health organizations and schools. She works with children ages 4 and up, adolescents, and adults in areas that include Depression, Anxiety, abuse, trauma, acculturation, cross-cultural issues, parenting, couples and families.

                Blanca holds a Master degree in Counseling Psychology from Loyola University of Chicago, Illinois (2002). She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from St. Mary University in Panama. She is a Registered Play Therapist and holds a certification in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She is fluent in Spanish.

                Blanca sees patients at our Golden Valley location.

                Sandra is a Registered, Experienced Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT) through the Yoga Life Institute in Pennsylvania, Certified Birth Doula (Birth Arts International), BA in Art Therapy (Arcadia University), Trauma-Informed Yoga Trained through Center for Yoga and Trauma Recovery and Firefly Yoga International.  She has over 10 years teaching experience as a yoga instructor, and has worked for many years in mental health as a social worker and yoga teacher for the Emily Program.  She has additional training in Yoga for Anxiety & Depression (Yoga Center of Minneapolis) and Prenatal Yoga (Dhyana Yoga).

                Her focus as a Trauma Support Specialist is on helping women feel empowered in their relationships with their bodies and honoring the connection between our mental and physiological health.

                Sandra is committed to creating an inclusive and supportive space where women can deeply and authentically connect with the messages and wisdom of their bodies—a space free from competition, comparison, or emphasis on external measures of success or progress. Whether in recovery from an eating disorder, dealing with grief, loss, or stress, or recuperating from a traumatic event, our bodies are integral to our psychological and emotional healing.

                Sandra is a mother of 3 children, one set of twins and lives with them and her husband near a big spruce tree in St. Paul, MN.  She believes that laughter, sleep, and water can solve most daily problems and is not afraid to use her New Jersey background to get real and honest with people.  She loves hiking and fireplaces and reading long books.

                Sandra says “I gave up long ago trying to make people “well” by my personal definition.  I learned as a doula that holding space for people is one of the most valuable gifts you can give them and that requires being present and willing to make mistakes. It also requires balance within and without. I hope I can continue to hold space for others for the rest of my life as they create their own paths of hope, transformation, and healing.”

                Angela is a certified facilitator of Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga , also known as TCTSY. TCTSY is an adjunctive clinical treatment for Complex Trauma & PTSD that was developed through the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute in Brookline, MA by Bessel van der Kolk, David Emerson & Jennifer Turner. Angela is a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance and has completed an additional certification in Restorative Yoga. She enjoys teaching gentle, flowing sequences, providing accessible meditation lessons and often utilizes guided relaxation & imagery in her non-clinical offerings. Additionally, Angela is a Level II Reiki Practitioner through Devanadi School of Yoga & Wellness, and has completed an Herbalist Apprenticeship with Jessica Belden, Herbalist and owner of The Medicine Tree in Minneapolis.

                Angela believes that the intensity of life is part of what makes it beautiful, and that our capacity for joy is deepened by embracing the caverns that sorrow has carved into our hearts. She is committed to holding space for others to do the transformative work of embodied healing, in whatever way is most useful to them, and at a pace that they choose. She knows that each individual is an expert of their own experience, and hopes to empower her students by honoring their truth in each passing moment.

                As a fairly crunchy, tree-hugging mama of two girls, Angela tries to allow for her own humanity and humor to be present in her interactions. She knows that life is too short to be serious all the dang time. So don’t be surprised if you see her munching Doritos or hear her slip up and use a curse word. Her hope is that if she’s authentic and honest, others will feel as though they can be as well.

                Angela’s vision for Terra Firma is to create a safe, equitable place where women from all walks of life can be supported, seen, heard, honored and believed.

                Angela says, ” I acknowledge that the work is never truly done, and I don’t pretend to have all of the answers. I will make mistakes, but believe that true failure only happens when you stop being open to feedback and learning new things, or refuse to take appropriate action. I hope you’ll join me on the mat some time! I’m sure there is much we could learn from each other.”

                Melanie Sobolewski, RD, LD is a Registered Dietitian. She enjoys working with older teens and adults. In her experience, she has worked with a variety of nutrition-related diagnoses including eating disorders,diabetes, heart disease, bariatric surgery, digestion complications, and overall weight management.

                Melanie’s goal is to provide a safe and collaborative space to allow individuals to critically process their thoughts around food, weight, and overall lifestyle. She integrates a variety of nutrition therapies including therapeutic diets, intuitive eating, supplement education, and mind-body work. Her mission is to provide an individualized approach in order to create an appropriate balance between work, food, exercise and family.

                She has a Bachelors of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her dietetic internship was completed through South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Services. In her life outside of the clinic, Melanie enjoys traveling, hiking, and spending time with family.

                Life can throw us some rough waves and even some big storms. You may feel overwhelmed and you may desire calmer and more peaceful waters. Bonnie can help you feel comfortable and well supported in your desire for a healthier life plan.

                Bonnie specializes in working with women who struggle with relationships with their husbands, partners or boyfriends. Being in these situations often contribute to anxiety, depression and self-esteems issues. Women often are seeking empowerment, validation and the desire to make personal decisions for themselves.

                Bonnie sees adults, adolescents and families. She will take time to get to know you, hear your concerns and encourage whatever changes seem right for you. Bonnie uses a non-judgmental approach to meet you where you are and help you take the first important steps forward.

                Bonnie will see clients at our Golden Valley office on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting in June. Online Scheduling is coming soon! Please contact Andrea for more information 763-575-8086 x1.

                Emily Staples is a Master’s level Social Worker working toward independent clinical licensure. She enjoys working with children, adolescents and adults. She incorporates a blend of approaches to meet the unique needs of each person, often utilizing mindfulness, strengths-based, psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques, as well as play therapy with children. She has particular interest and experience in treating concerns related to perinatal mental health, parenting, relationships, life transitions, anxiety, depression, and trauma.

                Emily believes that seeking therapy is a courageous step toward finding direction, understanding and skills to address your concerns. She aims to provide a welcoming and non-judgmental space in which challenges can be explored together at a pace that feels right for you. Emily values each person’s unique experiences, wisdom, and culture. She would be honored to join and support you on your journey toward healing.

                Emily will see clients at our Golden Valley office on Tuesdays starting in June. Online scheduling is coming soon! Please contact Andrea or Ian at 763-575-8086 x1 for more information.

                Andrea is our Clinic Manager.  She strives to ensure the day-to-day operations of our clinic(s) run smoothly and efficiently.  She assists our clients with the intake process, assists both new and returning clients with appointment set-up, verifies insurance coverage, and handles insurance claim and billing issues.  She also aims to streamline the registration, insurance, billing, and credentialing processes to ensure our patients feel they have a partner in their care when they choose to receive help at Vanda.  No question is too small or too big for Andrea!

                We offer therapy services to children, adolescents, teenagers, adults, couples and families. At Vanda Counseling, our philosophy is simple: Similar to the Vanda orchid, we believe that human beings have the innate quality to heal themselves. The services we provide at Vanda are meant to help when problems or issues seem overwhelming and become too big to manage alone. Our experienced clinicians and collaborative approach will guide you towards healing and growth. Everyone deserves a life full of meaning, happiness and the ability to create positive connections with others. We are here to help.

                we are here to help

                • “Darci is a wonderful therapist with an excellent skill set that is evident in the relationships she builds with her clients.  She takes the time to get to know her clients individual needs and builds appropriate treatment plans to best help them meet their goals. She is understanding and non-judgmental which helps create a safe environment for change.  Overall, I can't recommend Darci enough ”

                  Ashley Stavig
                  Ashley StavigLicense Mental Health Counselor
                • “Tonie and Darci are upbeat, friendly and supportive.  They work with their clients with care and understanding.  They offer resources to all those needing assistance and are willing to help in any way possible!”

                  Kelly Salzl
                  Kelly SalzlLMFT - Changes Counseling
                • "Dr. VanStelten practices with a combination of professionalism and knowledge.  Her practice style facilitates an open and comfortable dialogue with her clients."

                  Kristen, RN
                • "Jodi is incredibly knowledgeable, and works with each of her clients to determine exactly how to provide collaborative guidance to a vast array of unique needs. Her expertise is greatly matched by her genuine kindness, which ensures that her clients have the perfect environment where they can make the desired changes in their lives, to bring lasting healing."

                  Sarah, Therapist
                • "Darla is a warm, knowledgeable therapist.  She connects beautifully with young people and their families, allowing them to quickly engage in the therapeutic work.  Her skill, coupled with her genuine good nature, is a healing combination.""

                  Lisa Wald, MSW, LICSW
                • My doctor referred me to Becky because of the positive outcomes she's had with other patients. It is not a short drive for me, but it's worth it. Becky's expertise in eating issues has far exceeded the expectations I had for counseling when I first started. She makes me feel safe talking about my relationship with food, but has also helped me realize that the most important way to work toward a healthy life is to heal the relationship with myself first.



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