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Trauma Skills Group

When: Beginning Friday, January 4 from 2:00 – 3:30 pm. This is a 10 week group.

About: The group is psychoeducational and focused on developing awareness, learning, and practicing containment skills in a safe environment. Participants should continue in their own individual therapy while participating, even if you visit with your individual therapist less often.

Our group meets once a week. We will apply skills from different types of therapy including: DBT, Sensorimotor, and EMDR. We will focus on what emotions are, why we are afraid of them, and how to process them.

Topics: Mindfulness, Trauma, Window of Tolerance, Self-Soothing Skills, Emotions, Imagery, Breathing and Centering Skills, Non-Judgement, Boundaries

Location: Vanda Counseling & Psychological Services | 4969 Olsen Memorial Hwy, Golden Valley, MN 55422

Contact: Please contact Danielle ( at 763.575.8086 ext 120.

In most cases, health insurance is accepted.

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